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Tailoring your Green Travel


Green Tavel

What is Green Travel? 


Green Travels is part of beCuriou’s increased focus on environmental challenges. We want to create luxury travel propositions where the environmental impact is minimised. Our clients can have both; luxury holidays tailor-made to their wishes, with the least possible impact on the environment, and with the possibility of contributing to a positive effect on the local communities they visit.

Why Green Travel?


We are a business which cares about more than profit. We care about providing our clients with the best travel experiences, but we also care about the impact our operations have on the planet and the environments in which we operate. We take environmental challenges seriously and are working on becoming environmentally certified.

Environmental Certification


Prior to 2024 beCuriou had proudly achieved ISO 14001 Accreditation through our Environmental Management System. Whilst we have decided to not pursue official accreditation at this stage, protecting the environment remains at the forefront of our operations. We believe we have a corporate responsibility towards the earth and its inhabitants. At beCuriou, we will continue to meet the industry’s highest standards on this front. 

Each Step of the Way



For CO2-offsetting we have partnered with Chooose, a platform which enables carbon off-setting with the credits supporting various projects within the categories of community, renewable energy and nature. Clients can choose which of the dynamic portfolio of projects to donate their credits to, with the projects being spread worldwide across communities and people in need..



We partner with hotels and resorts worldwide with a strong sustainability focus and initiatives.

Examples of this include: Locally and sustainably sourced food, out-phasing of single use plastic articles, renewable energy initiatives, animal conservation and local community initiatives. 

Local ESG Projects


We provide our clients with the opportunity to get involved in local environmental and social projects benefiting the local community. Not only do these initiatives provide value insight for our client, but they also benefit the local community. This has been part of beCuriou’s vision from the beginning, and something we see as a valuable component for Green Travels.

Impact Projects

Impact Projects


Inkaterra Peru

Inkaterra Group, the world’s first climate positive hotel group, has contributed to making Machu Picchu carbon neutral thanks to eco-conscious initiatives and offsetting efforts across its portfolio of luxurious Peruvian properties. Sustainable Machu Picchu is their efforts to turn Machu Picchu the first carbon-neutral wonder of the world.


Tambopata Reserve

Tambopata Biodiversity Reserve and Agroforestry project combines the Tambopata and Bahuaja-Sonene National Park, which are both internationally recognised biodiversity hotspots in the Peruvian Amazon. Conservation and protection activities inside the forest include biological monitoring and scientific research, as well as surveillance and control of illegal human behaviours


Impact in Bhutan

Bhutan is one of the only carbon-negative countries in the world. A nation with 70 per cent forest coverage, the country's sustainability endeavours also include hyper-localising their supply chain, eliminating all traces of plastic bottles, long-term temple restoration, and skill-sharing between tourists and the Bhutanese community.


Rhino Conservation

In 1991 the White Rhino was introduced to Phinda for conservation purposes. 30 years later the population has grown enough to  translocate some rhinos to countries like Rwanda.



Soneva, Maldives

Lear from Soneva's 25 years as a trailblazer in the Maldives where they have successfully inculcated several world-leading environmental projects. These projects include the direct impacts at their resorts as well as indirect impacts via our supply chain and guest air travel.​



Mashpi Lodge

Located at a former lumber mill, Mashpi Lodge was built on a 2500 acre private estate in the Chocó Region using the latest techniques in preassembled, sustainable construction which have been designed around the topography in order to prevent damage to the forest.


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