The Team




For Edward travel is in the blood. Experiencing new destinations, reaching into different cultures, meeting local people and standing in their shoes. These are Edward’s raisons d’être. His additional business journeys for Norway’s largest bank and as a Business Economist have given him an astute, traveller’s eye view of airline service, concierge and destination management. And talking of blood. In his spare time, Edward is a volunteer with the Red Cross.

Why I work for beCuriou?

Because I love interacting and helping our wonderful clients.  It feels like a privilege to create a business with my smart, and most ambitious and hard working colleagues – all striving to set new standards in our industry in customer service and experiences.

Edward Wendel




Wide travel experiences, and an acute appreciation of the importance of details. Characteristics that took Kenneth to a BBA in Hospitality Management from Switzerland after a position with Singapore Airlines. Characteristics that now allow him to develop and maintain beCuriou’s impeccable standards of client service.

Personally, Kenneth has an adventurous palate for gastronomy and life and prefers to travel so far off the beaten track, there is no track!

Why I work for beCuriou?

Because it allows my colleagues and I to blend our innumerable travel experiences and unique background, which keeps each day brand new. I love curating a variety of journeys, while creating a meaningful impact to our travelers, and consistently challenge ourselves by aiming for a higher level of service quality each time.

Kenneth Cai





Travelling since a young age and graduating from Durham University with a BA in Economics, Celina joined beCuriou at the early stages. Along with handling some of the UHNW client, she is in charge of the operations and finances. Whether she is travelling between our offices or setting off to new destinations, it is her belief in the importance of individuality that keeps her eyes open to new discoveries – from rooftops to hidden gems and high-end ski resorts. Personally, she has a keen interest in music, architecture and art, along with being an experienced alpine skier. 


Why I work for beCuriou?
Because working with my colleagues to creating lasting memories for our clients is rewarding. Moreover, I take great pride in making sure our diverse team operate efficiently and I enjoy keeping a close eye on our finances. 

Celina Sofie Gylthe





Growing up in a Norwegian-Brazilian family made Turi curious about the world out there. After graduating from the University of Cambridge and Bournemouth College of Technology she went on working as a travel organiser. In recent years, Turi has been working for one of Norway’s largest travel agencies, HRG. At HRG she led the team managing the travels for some of the most prestigious clients, ranging from major players within the shipping, oil and gas industries to the Foreign Ministry.  It would be an understatement to say that she knows what she is talking about.


Why I work for beCuriou?

Because having the privilege of advising, planning and fulfilling our clients most precious time gives every day a new meaning. Working with the most competent and dedicated colleagues also makes me proud.

Turi Cleve Ihlen





Ellen grew up in a “airline” family, which meant she was able to travel from young age.The travel bug took her to the States, where she achieved a Master degree in Business and Finance from Arizona State University. Back in Norway, Ellen's transferable skills has taken her from jobs in the media industry og banking and real estate. Along with her varied background, she also has personal experience using travel and concierge agencies.

Why I work for beCuriou?

Because I want use my insight to provide families, friends and companies with unique experiences at competitive prices. I also enjoy working with such a diverse team, because I know that we make a difference when it comes to service!

Ellen Bakker Aslaksen





Amy has spent nearly a decade working across some of the UK's leading luxury hotels and London's private members clubs, bringing experience across a wealth of areas, and understanding the discerning needs of today’s traveller.

Most recently, Amy has supported Senior stakeholders across the value chain, which has given her the opportunity to work on a hotel opening in the UAE. Personally, Amy is passionate about gastronomy and exploring new cities and cultures.

Why I work for beCuriou?

Because I am passionate travel and hospitality, and striving to provide the very best travel and event experiences for our clients. I am proud to provide support and assistance to such a dynamic and diverse team of professionals who all have such passion about what they do.

Amy Stonadge


Bilde BeCuriou.jpeg



After completing her business studies in London, Helene started working for a green London-based start up where she worked in business development and managed the B2B relationships, primarily global fashion houses, and the VIP/(U)HNW clients. 


Now based in Zürich, she is working on establishing the new office there in order to fully launch beCuriou in Switzerland, whilst also working further on beCuriou’s environmental initiatives. She believes travelling is an important part of self-development as the privilege of experiencing different cultures can teach us a lot about ourselves

Why I work for beCuriou?

The fact that beCuriou has such a strong focus on Corporate Social Responsibility makes me feel very inspired. We can offer clients the best travel experiences, creating life long memories, whilst also offering a meaningful experience introducing them to local CSR initiatives at the destination.

Helene Hamansen


Lesley Sykes.jpeg



Having traveled and worked across the globe with experience in investment banking and philanthropy, Lesley has a deep appreciation for excellent client service and the importance of nurturing strong professional relationships. With a BSc in Viticulture and Agricultural Economics from the University of Stellenbosch, she has a passion for wine and beautiful Africa where she has grown up. In recent years, Lesley has been fundraising for a well-known children’s NGO, Project Playground which very much speaks to her love of the impact travel offering at beCuriou. Personally, she is a great lover of interior design, photography and architecture.

Why I work for beCuriou?

Because I love the fact that we are creating meaningful and curated travel experiences for our clients. The fact that we offer impact travel which has a positive and uplifting effect on local communities all over the globe, is hugely inspiring. We are also lucky enough to be working with a globally diverse team of colleagues with strong values and a shared vision for service excellence.

Lesley Sykes

Cape Town

Claire Acker.jpeg




Claire’s life has been defined by her desire to experience the world. Based in Singapore, she has been creating bespoke itineraries across the globe for the most discerning clients in Asia Pacific in the past decade. Claire holds a Master’s degree in Marketing and International 
Management. Prior to her move to Asia, she had spent more than 10 years on project management in Europe’s retail space. Personally, she is an intuitive and positive soul who loves adventure and challenge, but also likes to indulge in barefoot luxury properties, because in life she believes it’s all a question of balance. 

Why I work for beCuriou?

Because I genuinely care about people and I love to create some of their most precious memories. Living in Asia Pacific for quite some time, I understand the specificities and needs of my clients and take pride to deliver the best service possible. Here, I have the chance to be surrounded by innovative and dedicated people sharing the same passion for high quality service and travel. 

Claire Acker


The Board &Advisory Board



Ebba Rusten is the Corporate partnerships, Legacy and Major Donor Specialist at UNICEF Norway. She has broad and dynamic background extending from the oil industry to environmental projects incl. the Norwegian Environment Agency where she was the Senior Executive Office. Her experience ranges from storing CO2 underground and Nox reduction on the Norwegian shelf to voluntary work in Dhaka, Budapest and Thailand. Previous roles include petroleum engineer and reservoir engineer.

Ebba Rusten


Martin Skancke is Chair of the Principles for Responsible Investment (UN Global Compact), board member at Storebrand ASA, Summa Equity AB and Norfund and member of the FSB Task Force on climate-related financial disclosures (TCFD). In 2018, he chaired the Norwegian Government’s commission on climate risks for the Norwegian economy.

Martin Skancke was head of the Asset Management Department of the Norwegian Ministry of Finance from 2006 to 2011, with responsibility for overseeing the Norwegian Government Pension Fund. Previous roles include Director General of the Office of the Prime Minister of Norway, head of the section for monetary policy and fiscal affairs at the Norwegian Ministry of Finance and consultant at McKinsey & Co.

Martin Skancke


Margrethe Melbye is the Head of System & Data in Norges Bank Investment Management. She has previously worked in various management positions within DnB IT and Operations, as well as working as a Senior Project Manager in Hewlett Packard, and as a Technical Advisor for EDIFACT development in Brussels. Furthermore, she has over seven years work experience from the Norwegian Customs and the Norwegian Directorate of Customs and Excise. She has been board member in various companies, recently Eiendomsverdi AS and DNB Invest Denmark AS, and holds a Master of Business Administration from the Norwegian School of Management and Ècole Superior Commerce Paris (ESCP-EAP).

Margrethe Melbye



Ulrika began travelling at a very early age and has never stopped. Born in Sweden she was soon living in Mexico, before graduating in Hotel Management Studies in Switzerland. From there it was a simple step into international management and leadership positions in hotels and resorts across the world.

Ulrika is now Academic Dean at the Hotel Institute in Montreux – sharing her energy, knowledge and experience with over 800 students.

Ulrika Björklund


As a chairman of the Global Ecotourism Network and an expert in luxury, sustainable travel, Glenn leads by example. He owns a top-rated, organic, shade-grown, Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee plantation, was the creator of the first boutique hotel in Costa Rica and is currently President of the Ecotourism Board. So he is eminently placed to advise beCuriou on both Costa Rica and eco-friendly tourism.

Glenn was one of the original authors of the highly respected Certificate for Sustainable Tourism from the Costa Rican Tourist Board.

Glenn Jampol


Between us we have visited more than 120 of the countries in the world. Together with our partners and advisory board, you can trust that we've got you covered when it comes to local knowledge.  


Our team currently consists of 11 employees. We come from an array of backgrounds - finance, hospitality, banking and travel - which helps us gain a better understanding of our clients and their preferences. 


We are the number one fastest growing travel agency for the high-end in Europe according to Financial Times!


We have been lucky to work with more than 1000 clients so far, most of whom we work with on a regular basis. If you or your company want to become a part of this list, don't hesitate to get in touch.