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With cities famous for their sheer beauty, picturesque nature and friendly locals, Europe is packed with must-visit destinations. With just a few hours of flight time, you can go from sun and sand by the Mediterranean to snow and demanding climate in the north. Indulge yourself with world-renowned culinary experiences, explore the ancient cities found all over the continent, and challenge yourself with stirring activities. Whatever you want, we got you covered. 

Northern Europe

Astonishing nature awaits you in this part of the world. Discover the beautiful fjords on the west coast of Norway, go on a snowmobile through Svalbard’s isolated nature, or challenge yourself with deep sea fishing and surfing outside the Lofoten islands. Scandinavia is an adventurous playground, and offers some of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. Speaking of beautiful landscapes, head to Iceland to experience the real power of nature, where a vast volcanic laboratory where mighty forces shape the earth: geysers gush, mudpots gloop, ice-covered volcanoes rumble and glaciers cut great pathways through the mountains.

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is a warehouse of culture, whether your preference is fine arts or folk singing. Cities such as Prague, St Petersburg and Budapest are effortlessly elegant, housing remarkable art collections in palatial surrounds. Eastern Europe has it all, and is anything but predictable. Glide down the Danube River on a river cruise, explore canyons and caverns in Montenegro or discover how a 15th-century fishing village has been transformed to a luxury resort. 

Western Europe

Interlocking countries and cultures creates a jigsaw of history, art, architecture and cuisines, along with time-honoured traditions and inspired new trends. Home to instantly recognisable landmarks and hotels, historic museums and galleries, not to mention fancy new eateries, Western Europe is the perfect mix of history, present and future. 

The Netherlands and Belgium may sit side by side, but their capitals could hardly be more different. While Brussels is a modern European bureaucratic center, Amsterdam is charming with its canals and coffeeshops. For shopping, nightlife and famous sights, London is the region’s biggest and busiest city. But England is an enormously varied place, also offering rural stretches like the Lake District and Cotswolds. Two of the other big names, Scotland and Ireland also cry out for more lengthy exploration with their rolling green landscapes scattered with dozens of quaint towns.

Southern Europe

Ancient ruins, awe-inspiring art, legendary cities and sun-kissed beaches – Southern Europe is a visual and sensual feast. For many, Southern Europe's main appeal is the promise of summer sun and long, lazy days on the beach, whether a Sardinian hideaway, the swanky French Riviera or charming Italian coast. Maybe you want to cruise around Italy and France in a convertible and stop by world famous vineyards? Maybe you want to take your colleagues to watch the Monte Carlo Grand? Or how about going island hopping in Greece? Whatever your preferences are, we will tailor-make the trip to your preferences. 


We hand-pick and carefully choose the very best resorts and hotels. From Four Seasons and One&Only to smaller family-owned hotels, we provide our clients with competitive rates, insight and added value that makes a real difference:


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